• 92ltr 3-Tier Worm Bin

== SOLD OUT == (for now..)

It was a flying start of the season and we sold out of worms completely!
We are working hard to build up our worm population (our worms are having champagne dinners, we're showing them romantic movies and play sweet music to them!), but we might not be able to supply large amounts of worms for a while. Bear with us and keep watching this space!

In the meantime why not get a copy of George Pilkington's excellent book:
Composting with Worms - why waste your waste
and find out everything you need to know about vermicomposting.

Thank you and happy worming! Jessica & Edwin

The perfect worm bin for the serious worm composter!

Made out of recycled plastic this large wormery will take care of your kitchen scraps and produce great compost.

The 3 tier system consists of 2 feeding trays that can be rotated to allow the worms to migrate upwards into the new tray once the bottom tray is full. The full tray can then be harvested after which the cycle can start again. The bottom drainage tray collects any liquid that can be diluted and used as a liquid fertiliser for your garden and house plants.

Ideal for families. The worms will eat a lot of kitchen scraps and are very interesting for kids to watch and  take care of.

The bin comes complete with 1500 composting worms, bedding, instructions, 2 feeding trays and 1 drainage tray with drainage tap.

Why not start today and turn your kitchen scraps into great compost!

Please note that these large bins are made to order and take about 14-21 days to be shipped.

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92ltr 3-Tier Worm Bin

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  • €125.00

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