Our Story

A big horse and a cold winter

We cannot remember exactly how, but somehow during a cold winter's visit to our beloved Poland we started talking with our host, Bert, about growing composting worms. It must have had something to do with the pile of horse manure produced by the massive draught-horse, Arnold. The things you talk about when it's -13°C outside and your nice and worm inside by the fire! (did I say worm, I meant warm of course - be warned: once you start of on this worm composting business they seem to take over your thoughts and cause weird typos!).

Jessica riding Arnold bare-back
Ed sorting worms

Back home

The winters aren't that harsh back home in Ireland, so we quickly checked our own compost bin to see if there were any worms living in there. And we were in luck! Full of enthusiasm we started sorting through the (partly composted..) compost and found about 1000 worms. For some reason Edwin really enjoyed this part! We put the worms into our homemade fish-box worm bins! We just started off with two small worm bins with about 500 worms in each. The first night some of them made a run for it, but after covering the bedding with some newspaper and feeding a bit more, things seem to settled down. They were quickly laying eggs/cocoons and we were hopeful that they would multiply abundantly!

A little worm

The worms weren't the only things that were multiplying. Shortly after starting these two bins we found out that Jessica was pregnant. This did slow things down a bit on the worm front, but between painting nurseries, assembling cots, ultrasounds and buying cloth nappies we continued working on our worm farm. The bins were split every time the population reached a good number and in December our own little worm, Peter, was born!

For a few months the worms were on the back burner as we were too busy enjoying Peter and getting used to being a parent. But when we got into a bit of a routine again we quickly picked up where we had left the worms (not literally, we did take good care of them in the meantime). We started the first bulk beds and our herd quickly grew to a sustainable number to start selling.

Our little worm
Our first order

Our first sale!

Our first sale was very exciting, we started talking to a lady on Facebook who was looking to buy worms and she agreed to be our test client. The first 500 worms were carefully packed and shipped across the country. We were over the moon when a few days later a message appeared on a gardening Facebook page. The lovely lady was telling everybody that she was really happy with the worms and that she was recommending us to everybody!
What a brilliant start of our business!!

To be continued..

We hope many more happy customers will follow!
Having worms is not just a good way to get rid of your green waste, it is also very enjoyable and fun to do for kids and adults alike, and good for the environment at the same time.
After all, we only have one earth!

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