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It is getting colder and as our worms live outdoors it gets too cold to harvest them (they crawl deep into their bedding and are impossible to get out). But they are busy doing what worms do and we are looking forward to loads of baby worms in the springtime!

So we hope to see you back in March!

Do you think our 17ltr worm bucket isn't enough space for your worms? Then get this larger 25ltr bucket - it's a beast of a bucket! Plenty of room to compost kitchen scraps!

This 25ltr worm bucket is a great way to get you started on your worm composting adventure. This bucket is ideal to keep in your utility room,  on top of your worktop, or even in a bookcase. Ready to be fed without having to go outside in any weather! Kids love taking care of their worms and learn about waste reduction and composting.

The bin comes complete with 600 composting worms, bedding, instructions, drainage tap and drainage tray made out of recycled outdoor signs board.

Why not start today and turn your kitchen scraps into great compost!

Please note that our worm bins are handmade to order. We aim to send the worm bins to you within 10 working days.

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25ltr Worm Bucket

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