Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Worms are of course living animals and we try to make shipping as comfortable for them as possible. To disturb our worms as little as possible we only prepare orders once a week (usually in the weekends). Therefore orders are usually shipped only on Monday or Tuesday.

We ship year round all over Ireland.

Shipping cost are based on the weight of your order. During checkout you can see the shipping cost that applies to your order.

We at The Worm Bin do not believe in making profit on shipping cost, therefore postage is charged at cost or thereabouts.

During transit we provide our worms with fresh bedding and some food and even though our orders usually arrive within a few days our worms can survive for a lot longer during transit.

We reserve the right to hold shipments due to weather or other reasons that could harm your order.

We try to use environmentally friendly shipping materials as much as possible. Most of the packaging is suitable for composting!

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