We've got worms!

Not a sentence anyone likes to say do they? Well, we do!

Welcome to The Worm Bin

== SOLD OUT == (for now..)

It was a flying start of the season and we sold out of worms completely!
We are working hard to build up our worm population (our worms are having champagne dinners, we're showing them romantic movies and play sweet music to them!), but we might not be able to supply large amounts of worms for a while. Bear with us and keep watching this space!

In the meantime why not get a copy of George Pilkington's excellent book:
Composting with Worms - why waste your waste
and find out everything you need to know about vermicomposting.

Thank you and happy worming! Jessica & Edwin

Worms are small but great and important little creatures. They have a very important role in this world:  turning green waste into compost!
At The Worm Bin we specialize in selling compost worms. We are a small family business who do not take the earth for granted and try to do our best to make it a better place. That is how we became passionate about worms!

Why not join us on this exciting adventure and discover the joys of growing worms!

Featured Products

500 Composting Worms
92ltr 3-Tier Worm Bin
Composting With Worms

The best quality!

We are growing the best quality worms (a combination of 2 different species) and ship them all over Ireland. With every worm we sell we know that somewhere more waste is being converted into compost and not going to incinerators and filling up landfills.


We try to use recycled materials as much as possible. Even the boxes we use for shipping our worms to you or often re-used and can be fed to your worms!


All our worm feed and bedding is sourced locally as much as possible, our local green grocer being our biggest supplier together with the riding stables where Jessica goes horse riding every week.

How it works

Organic waste

Organic waste

The average household in the EU produces more than 350kg of food waste every year! Most of this ends up in landfill or incinerators. This is a major environmental problem that is growing every year. Even though the solution is very simple!

Composting worms

Composting worms

Worms love your food waste! Composting worms can eat up to half their bodyweight in organic waste every day! Worms love nothing more than crawling around in rotting food, fruit and garden waste. Passing it through their body they turn it into a very environmentally friendly product!

Great compost

Great compost

Worm compost is the best organic fertiliser and you can make it at home! Compost produced by worms is called vermicompost and has better water retention, aeration and stability. It helps your plants fight against disease and contains higher amounts of natural growth hormones.